Books by Norma Sluman

THE AUTHOR: Norma Sluman was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She became deeply interested in Canadian Indigenous issues when she moved to Calgary with her husband, who was a professional football player for the Calgary Stampeders. She spent much of the time she lived in three prairie provinces studying writing, Canadian history, and the Indigenous Peoples of the prairies. Norma had a burning ambition to write and her love of history encouraged her to write about what she was learning. Norma arranged her masses of research material and settled down to raise her three young children (Marnie, Shirley and Kenneth) and write two historical fiction novels, Blackfoot Crossing (1959) and Poundmaker (1967). Both novels were published by Ryerson Press. She also co-wrote John Tootoosis: Biography of a Cree Leader with Jean Cuthand Goodwill, published by Golden Dog Press (1982), and reprinted three times by Pemmican Publications. A draft manuscript of Norma's final novel, The Amulet was entrusted to her daughter Marnie, before she passed away in 1993. Marnie has now published The Amulet, in her mother's memory. THE CO-AUTHOR: Marnie Sluman Somers is the co-author, editor and publisher of her late mother's manuscript, The Amulet. Marnie has kept the story intact while editing the style for today's historical fiction market. Her passion is to continue her mother's work, to tell the stories of the past, so we can understand where we come from and build a better, more compassionate future.