Books by Richard Grayson

SUMMER IN BROOKLYN by Richard Grayson
Released: July 17, 2008

"Skip the diary. Read the author's short stories."
A collection of diary entries culled from summers over a six-year period. Read full book review >
WHO WILL KISS THE PIG? by Richard Grayson
Released: April 17, 2008

"Funny, pleasurable and often prescient short fiction that delivers many more hits than misses."
A career-spanning compilation of fascinating short fiction and flash fiction from Grayson (And to Think that He Kissed Him on Lorimer Street, 2006, etc.), ranging from his first published story (1975's “Rampant Burping") to fresh work. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 22, 2007

"Funny and devastatingly incisive."
A witty campaign diary by a wannabe Congressman far too clever to ever be elected. Read full book review >
DEATH AU GRATIN by Richard Grayson
Released: Aug. 18, 1995

It's the early 1900s and, in Paris, the SuràtÇ's Inspector Gautier (Death Off Stage, 1992, etc.) is once again enmeshed in the affairspublic and privateof the upper classes. Here, Armand de Perigord, wealthy man about town living at the elegant Hìtel Meurice, has been killed by a bomb explosion in his carriage. In what may have been a warning, a cobra concealed in his hotel bed had previously killed a maid while she was turning down the sheets. Meanwhile, de Perigord's servant Lucien has disappeared, and Gautier soon realizes that de Perigord himself, although rumored to be homosexual, had been involved with several rich, aristocratic womenand in his safe deposit box are the pictures to prove it. Scotswoman Catriona Becker, on the verge of marriage to a wealthy American, and the Comtesse de Chartres, with a hot-tempered husband, are two of de Perigord's blackmail targets. When word arrives that Eugene Deslandes, ambassador to London, has committed suicide there, his widow Elizabeth, another of de Perigord's amours, joins the list of suspects, along with their volatile son Luc. But could there be another motiveperhaps in the undercover government role de Perigord was rumored to have played? Gautier intuits the answers, with melodramatic results, in the midst of a Wild West show imported from America at which all participants are present. The story is overburdened with minor characters and minor incidents, but Grayson's lively evocation of the streets, cafÇs, and boudoirs of belle Çpoque Paris can't be faulted. Read full book review >
DEATH OFF STAGE by Richard Grayson
Released: April 15, 1992

Ninth in a richly textured series set in Paris of the early 1900's that chronicles the casebook of the SñretÇ's urbane Inspector Gautier (Death on the Cards, etc.), whose mistress of the moment is Princess Sophia Dashkova, wealthy widow of a Russian prince, in Paris to promote her newly formed ballet company. Rivalries and temperament abound in the Dashkova Ballet, and its director, Boris Ranevsky, is soon embroiled in a dispute with Judge Prudhome (rumored to be homosexual), who's found shot to death in a seedy hotel some days later. The murder of the retarded child of a quayside bookseller; the theft of guns and other items from the apartment of the Earl of Newry; and the fatal poisoning of a prima ballerina keep Gautier hopping, even in the wake of personal tragedy, until his intuitiveness and imagination clear the slate.... The solutions are a shade too far-fetched for credibility, but, still, this is agreeable entertainment—for its painlessly imparted history, heightened sense of time and place, and its pleasantly civilized style. Read full book review >

"A funny, odd, somehow familiar and fully convincing fictional world."
The dynamic Brooklyn cityscape serves as the backdrop in this beguiling collection of short stories. Read full book review >

"An iconoclast sways to his own beat, making beautiful music along the way."
An audacious and wickedly smart comedic writer brings his full weight to bear in a collection of his early work. Read full book review >
AUTUMN IN BROOKLYN by Richard Grayson

"Those familiar with Grayson's life and work will appreciate the inside look into these formative months."
Three months' worth of diary entries from a pivotal period in the author's life and career. Read full book review >