Books by Stephen Amidon

THE REAL JUSTINE by Stephen Amidon
Released: Sept. 15, 2015

"While there are a few genuine surprises along the way, most of Amidon's (Security, 2009, etc.) twists are telegraphed so far in advance that it's a wonder the characters don't see them coming."
A few nights of passion ignite a man's obsession for a mysterious woman in this tale of uncertain identities. Read full book review >
Released: June 5, 2012

"A cultural history of sports that says as much about all of us as it does about athletes."
A brief but enlightening history of the athlete as a cultural icon. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 18, 2011

"An enjoyable celebration of the collaboration of visionaries."
Novelist Stephen Amidon (Security, 2009, etc.) and his brother, cardiologist Thomas Amidon, examine the "different ways that we have thought about the heart ever since it first took root in the Western imagination." Read full book review >
SECURITY by Stephen Amidon
Released: Feb. 1, 2009

"Amidon's strength, a gritty realism, is sacrificed to a never-believable morality tale about the power of money to corrupt."
In Amidon's sixth novel (Human Capital, 2004, etc.), various story lines converge to yield a small-town melodrama. Read full book review >
HUMAN CAPITAL by Stephen Amidon
Released: Oct. 1, 2004

"Richly complex and genuinely tragic, painfully cognizant of the lethal interaction among human weakness, skewed societal values, and the random blows of fate."
Working in the towering tradition of Dreiser, Amidon (The New City, 2000, etc.) insightfully examines financial maneuvers that lead to personal catastrophe for three families in a Connecticut suburb. Read full book review >
THE NEW CITY by Stephen Amidon
Released: Jan. 18, 2000

"But Amidon's thriller will hold readers in its grip straight through to the powerful final page—and ought to make a crackerjack movie or miniseries too."
This ambitious, tightly plotted urban melodrama—a bold entry into Richard Price territory—is a real surprise, coming from the former American expatriate and author of such terse, claustrophobic novels as Thirst (1993) and The Primitive (1995). Read full book review >
THRIST by Stephen Amidon
Released: June 15, 1993

"The best writing here is about alcoholism; once Amidon's plotting becomes as effective as his taut style, he may write a novel of real power."
A second novel (though first to be published in the US) from expatriot American writer Amidon combines a story of alcoholism and the family with a suspenser involving business chicanery and Native Americans. Read full book review >