Books by Wendy Holden

IN THE NAME OF GUCCI by Patricia Gucci
Released: May 10, 2016

"An absorbing, bittersweet tribute."
The heiress to the Italian fashion house unfurls her combustible family history. Read full book review >
Released: May 5, 2015

"An engrossing, intense, and highly descriptive narrative chronicling the ghastly conditions three pregnant women suffered through at the hands of the Nazis."
The incredible true story of three Jewish women who survived the Holocaust. Read full book review >
THE BEAT OF MY OWN DRUM by Sheila Escovedo
Released: Sept. 2, 2014

"A candid and uplifting musical memoir."
A noted percussionist and singer gets personal about her life and rise to fame and fortune. Read full book review >
HAATCHI & LITTLE B by Wendy Holden
Released: July 1, 2014

"A serviceable story of inspiration and the love between a boy and his pet."
A boy and his dog, finding new ways to encourage each other past their limitations. Read full book review >
MARRYING UP by Wendy Holden
Released: Aug. 1, 2012

"Holden, a former writer for the Mail on Sunday, certainly knows her way around snarky royal gossip and delivers here a very guilty pleasure."
A cheeky exposé on gold digging (the marital sort) from the British bestselling author of Beautiful People (2009) and Filthy Rich (2008). Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 3, 2011

"Decent advice for young children; some adaptations for teens would be beneficial."
Beloved actress demonstrates how a few minutes per day can change the way we see the world. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 2010

"If Holden's novel lacks a bit of depth, it is redeemed by the contagious pleasure had in skewering Hollywood hotties and coke-snorting aristocrats."
This British cupcake of a novel throws a wholesome nanny into the terrifying world of Hollywood agents, actors and hastily adopted African babies. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 2004

"Warts and all, but noted with love."
Martin recalls her father—"the King of Cool," as hew was designated by Elvis Presley—with clear-eyed affection and understanding. Read full book review >
AZUR LIKE IT by Wendy Holden
Released: Feb. 3, 2004

"Gleeful jumble of Brit-style slapstick, puns, and sly wit. Quite a treat."
Clever potshots from English bestseller Holden (Gossip Hound, 2002, etc.). Read full book review >
GOSSIP HOUND by Wendy Holden
Released: March 5, 2003

"Spiteful roman à clef with some funny lines, though veddy British and brittle overall."
A farce from Holden (Farm Fatale, 2000, etc.) based on the oh-so-'80s notion that books are the new rock 'n' roll, writers more fascinating than movie stars. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 1, 2002

"A feebly written profile in courage. (8 pages b&w photos, not seen)"
A Jewish nurse recalls her myriad adventures in WWII as a spy operating under the noses of the Nazis. Read full book review >
FARM FATALE by Wendy Holden
Released: March 5, 2002

"Wickedly funny comedy of manners: oddballs, hilarious one-liners, and some very bad puns."
Sophisticated Londoners opt for country chic, in a third farce by Holden (Bad Heir Day, 2001, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: June 14, 2001

"Decked out like a history, with index and bibliography: a striking, romantic, personal narrative."
An extravagant tale of war and romance, with a decided emphasis on the latter. Read full book review >
BAD HEIR DAY by Wendy Holden
Released: March 1, 2001

"The whimsical ingenuity of P.G. Wodehouse meets the sex-o-matic action of Jackie Collins. Holden (Simply Divine, 1999) stays in control of her supercharged farce all the way, though, even when a host of hysterically funny secondary characters almost steal the show."
Girl-meets-earl fantasy from a very funny British novelist. Read full book review >