COURAGE OF FEAR by Barbara Boyer


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An inspirational writer must put her teachings to work when her husband leaves, ruining the wonderful life she has built.

Angela Hearly-Peterson had it all–a beautiful, adoring husband, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, even a Pulitzer Prize for her bestselling inspirational memoir Wrestling With the Demons. Little does Angela know it’s all about to come crumbling down. Her husband Jackson–the beloved “moon to her sea”–has a secret gambling problem and has lost their entire fortune. In debt to Las Vegas casinos, he commits an almost unspeakable act that will send Angela’s life into a downward spiral. She flees the West Coast for her family compound on Nantucket, where she plans to end the miserable charade that her life has become. The island remains home to people who still love Angela and remember the little girl she used to be before fame and fortune struck. One man in particular has been waiting for her return. Leo, her unrequited high school boyfriend, still holds a torch for Angela and believes that they will end up together. Slowly, the motley group of islanders bands together to coax Angela back from the edge. Riveting until the end (a delightful bit of postmodernism closes the book), Courage of Fear is a suspenseful, exciting story. Boyer employs an interesting time-jump structure which contrasts Jackson and Angela’s blissful courtship with the morass of sorrow that has become their marriage. The novel is full of indelible characters who will hook enthusiastic readers. Boyer is adept at writing details that bring characters to life, i.e. manicured but chewed-down fingernails, a careful avoidance of a spot on the floor where passionate lovemaking had once occurred during happier days, etc. The book only fails at one point–the author’s stated intention to pass on advice and inspiration to readers, much in the same way the book’s protagonist helped hers. Most readers will be more absorbed by the narrative than the advice dispensed therein. However, the book remains enjoyable on many levels.

Page-turning inspirational fiction for the casual reader.

ISBN: 978-0-6152-0363-8
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