NOBODY'S VICTIM by Carrie Goldberg


Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs, and Trolls
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Often shocking tales from a veteran litigator courageously battling menacing stalkers and online predators.

Brooklyn-based victims’ rights attorney Goldberg profiles hair-raising cases involving extreme stalking, vengeance-driven retaliation, and rejection-fueled abuse in which families, reputations, and livelihoods are systematically dismantled by scorned lovers. The author barely survived the wrath of a vindictive ex-boyfriend, and she began devoting her expertise toward representing clientele who unwittingly become the targets of deranged stalkers, a demographic she feels is grossly underrepresented. The real-life cases she presents—some of which have garnered national media attention—chillingly illustrate the insidious nature of these types of crimes and also act as a necessary call to arms regarding the importance of victim empowerment. Goldberg notes that these incidents are far more common than many of us realize, and the perpetrators are typically male and classic masters of charm and charisma, luring unsuspecting women into whirlwind romances with “jiu-jitsu-level mind games.” In the opening section, the author discusses the case of a woman whose boyfriend was discovered to be behind a barrage of mysterious online attacks, which soon turned nefarious once she terminated their relationship. Goldberg attests that many of these assailants are so skillful at using anonymizing software to cover their tracks that the time it takes to prosecute them can be prohibitively lengthy. Other cases feature a high-profile lawsuit involving a gay man viciously terrorized by an ex-lover, an arrogant “professional life-ruiner,” victims of “revenge porn,” and “sextortionists,” who are “part of a vast league of sex predators who use intimidation, threats, and trickery to coerce victims into sex acts.” Though the incidents became increasingly complex, they further sharpened Goldberg’s mastery in dealing with the cases. From bullied teenagers to women exploited by revenge porn, Goldberg’s cases usually get much worse before any kind of resolution is reached, but the author does an important service in bringing these horrific exploitations to light.

A significant book that will hopefully spark change.

Pub Date: Aug. 13th, 2019
ISBN: 978-0-525-53377-1
Page count: 304pp
Publisher: Plume
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: July 1st, 2019