Abundant Life and Loving God by Greg Wander

Abundant Life and Loving God

Let God Capture Your Heart
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A brief autobiographical self-help book about Christianity and seeking a relationship with God.

Drawing on his time in the business world, Wander, in his nonfiction debut, urges fellow Christians to adopt a cardinal rule from that world: “The customer is job #1”—“If the customer calls, you stop what you’re doing and answer the phone,” because they’re more important than your bosses or your other duties. In Wander’s conception of Christian faith, God is the customer, and Wander sees in many Christians a decided neglect of that relationship. “Are we willing to cancel even one thing in our schedules to be with God,” he asks, “or does God lose out if there is any conflict?” The deceptively simple idea of spending time with God is the heart of Wander’s brief faith meditation in these pages. He looks squarely at the large numbers of professed believers who believe an hour’s attendance at church each week discharges their duties toward their Creator. “How can we expect to know and love God,” he points out, “if we spend so little time each week in seeking Him?” In the course of his book, Wander proposes several ways his readers can increase the time they spend in that seeking: making friends among other churchgoers, reading Christian books, and even listening to Christian radio stations, as well as more spiritual exercises, like being grateful for God’s gifts or making a more concerted effort to love others (also on this list is a suggestion many of his nonfundamentalist readers will find puzzling: to study and profess creationism, rejecting “Darwin’s false theory”). He rejects the “prosperity gospel” idea of “Perceiving God as a heavenly Santa or a cash machine” and instead paints a portrait of a God who merely wants a relationship with his people, even though he’s given them the free will to reject such a relationship.

Packs a large amount of spiritual understanding into a small number of pages.

Pub Date: May 17th, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4917-6192-2
Page count: 78pp
Publisher: iUniverse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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