Science Foundation Revolution by Guy Myhre

Science Foundation Revolution

Physical-Constant Elimination, Consequential Revelations
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Myhre (Inertia IS Gravity, 2004, etc.) attempts to rewrite physics as we know it in this new treatise.

In his preface, the author claims to have made “the biggest, most-important, and most-comprehensive improvements in the basic foundation of science since the invention of the metric system,” and that “my discoveries have already enabled me to resolve many outstanding enigmas that have bedeviled the scientific community for over two centuries.” Central to his ideas are the elimination of many of the long-held physical constants of nature (such as the Planck constant, h), which he says have no basis in nature and are a result of the inappropriate application of metric units to describe quantum phenomena. This led him to the idea of the true definition of the fine-structure constant, ?, he says, as well as the discovery that the magnitudes of inertial force and the reciprocal force of ? are proportional to each other. With this information, Myhre constructs a simplified system to describe quantum physics as a whole, which he contends clarifies many longstanding mysteries and presents a truer vision of the universe—one that’s more rational, symmetrical, and logical than science has previously suggested. This isn’t a book for the casual science reader, and Myhre frequently interrupts the flow to direct his audience back to other books (in several languages) that they perhaps should have read already. Even so, due to his stated commitment to lay scientists, Myhre has taken pains to write in “a first-person active voice,” and he manages to pack a surprising amount of personality into the prose between equations. The material is dense and highly specialized, but it’s an easier read than it had to be. If Myhre’s discoveries prove true—a verdict that his peers within the scientific community will provide—our understanding of the universe will truly be transformed. If not, the book still documents a quest on the frontiers of physics, proving how much we don’t yet know. In either case, lay scientists with an interest in quantum physics are unlikely to find as enthusiastic a guide as Myhre.

A challenging but illuminating scientific text.

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