The Scientific Myth of Evolutionism
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The Bible beats Darwin as a guide to biological origins, according to this creationist manifesto.

Ebifegha, a schoolteacher with a doctorate in physics and author of The Death of Evolution: God’s Creation Patent and Seal (2007), presents a readable but disorganized and repetitive rehash of familiar anti-evolution arguments, one that harps on gaps in the neo-Darwinian account of natural history. Evolutionary theorists, he notes, have no good explanation of how living cells first arose from inanimate matter and posit a “bacteria-to-human” evolutionary trajectory that can’t be verified through reproducible experiments. The idea of random mutations adding ordered complexity to organisms, he contends, defies both information theory and the second law of thermodynamics. Then there’s the paucity of intermediate forms in the fossil record; most species appear suddenly and persist largely unchanged, a pattern that clashes with the Darwinian paradigm of gradual small adaptations that add up to large disparities. While random mutation and natural selection may explain minor variations within species, the author argues, only a divine intelligence could design and generate the startling disparities in structure and complexity that we see in living organisms. Ebifegha cites an eclectic group of critics of Darwinism while fencing with its defenders—especially the “petulant and childish” Richard Dawkins—but his treatment sheds more heat than light. His biased critique seizes on unsolved riddles of “evolutionism”—and sidesteps its many successes—in order to paint it as an unscientific delusion that amounts to an atheistic secular religion. Against it, Ebifegha elaborates an unconvincing version of creationism based on a literal reading of Bible verses, which he regards as iron-clad historical evidences, in which God affirms his creation of the world in six days. While scoring points against the inadequacies of evolutionary doctrine, Ebifegha’s attempt to discredit the theory lapses into a far more unscientific dogmatism.

A one-sided attack on Darwinism that cloaks religious beliefs in the rhetoric of science. 


Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1463403843
Page count: 328pp
Publisher: AuthorHouse
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