Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic by Michelle A. Beltran

Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic

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An introductory guidebook for aspiring psychics.

Debut author Beltran’s advice for readers is rooted in her thesis that psychic abilities are innate in everyone. She asserts that psychics are differentiated not by the fact that they have supernatural powers, but by the fact that they have the ability and choice to acknowledge them. She says that they can work “to expand their skills and develop those abilities that lie outside the realm of physical science or earthly understanding.” It’s a point that’s repeated abundantly throughout the text. Beltran explains that there are several different forms and levels of abilities such as clairvoyance and the rarer “clairgustance,” which “allows the gifted person to taste a substance associated with someone or something from the past, present or future.” She reiterates, though, that using such abilities is “simply a matter of training and intention.” She suggests that each reader can begin by identifying his or her particular “Sense-Ability.” This can be achieved, the author says, by increasing one’s mindfulness of input in the form of passing thoughts, dreams, or physical sensations. Alas, there’s no objective way given for readers to discern whether experiences such as hearing voices are psychic or not, but this book suggests that perhaps everything is a matter of perception. Beltran gives plenty of empowering advice, in the style of a self-help guide, on the benefits of tapping one’s full potential through the power of intuition. Additionally, she offers handy tips on psychic skills such as dream interpretation (including how to create a book of dream symbols), meditation, and naming one’s spirit guides. The result is an extremely thorough beginners’ guide that asserts that being psychic simply begins with believing in one’s potential to be so.

An open-armed introduction to the psychic world that will be best received by readers with open minds.

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