Visionary by N. Dunham


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In Dunham’s debut YA fantasy, teenager Aislinn Murphy stumbles upon her psychic powers and can predict the future.

Shortly after Aislinn discovers her precognitive abilities as a Visionary, she meets up with handsome fellow teenage Visionary Sebastian Martinelli. He explains to her the importance and danger of their powers, and he introduces her to a secret agency (its name is never given in the text) dedicated to Visionaries. Soon, Aislinn falls into a plot involving a machine that gives ordinary people Visionary-like precognition and a love triangle that divides Aislinn’s affections between Sebastian and blond, athletic Visionary Caleb. Along the way, she learns about the spiritual nature of her gifts and the ways of spirit animals. The entire story is a stew of teen romance, New Age–psychic powers and rather lightweight adventure. The text itself needed proofreading and copy editing: e.g., “Apparently, Fred wanted it for selfish and malevolence reasons.” The style of narration emphasizes the awkward prose—“If one dares to dress what’s considered unconventional to the high school’s ‘matriarchs,’ then you can forget about being treated fairly, let alone being popular.” And because the reader has direct access to Aislinn’s thoughts, her inconsistencies or changes of heart tend to make her seem fickle or scattered. The final pages of the book give short descriptions of all the spirit-animal types encountered in the novel and its planned sequels; this seems somewhat unnecessary and might have been better addressed in the text itself. The book, however, has an infectious enthusiasm, as the author clearly loves her characters and wants share that affection with the reader.

A middling teen-oriented fantasy story with adventure and romance.

Pub Date: Nov. 25th, 2012
Page count: 202pp
Publisher: BookBaby
Program: Kirkus Indie
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