G-SPOT by Noire


An Urban Erotic Tale
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Payback time for a good girl gone bad.

Juicy Stanfield grew up poor in Harlem. Her skank of a mother was murdered by a drug dealer, and her father’s in the crazy house. Juicy’s brother Jimmy might go the same way if he don’t get his meds. Raised by her strict but loving grandmother, little Juicy stayed good for as long as she could—but Granite McKay had his eye on her innocent ass and wanted her all to himself. “G” McKay owns the G-Spot, a club with a $1,000 cover charge frequented by rich rappers and basketball players. Upstairs: a top-secret room where his terrorized staff cuts and deals drugs. Downstairs: goodhearted hos and bootylicious strippers who slide up and down a slick dancing pole and pick up Coke bottles with—well, not their hands. Juicy, a sometime college student, gets totally turned on watching the constant action. Forty-five-year-old G is buff enuf but he ain’t no lover. Juicy gets all he has to give in ten minutes every two weeks. What did she expect? He cruel and he cold and he ready to maim or kill anyone who crosses him. But G been nice, in his way. He gave Juicy’s granny a decent burial and kept on taking care of Jimmy and turned Juicy into a well-groomed (if frustrated) urban goddess. The plot thickens when Gino, G’s handsome son by a Puerto Rican mother, turns up. He purrs sweet nuthins into her willing ear, and Juicy is ready to play with fire. Her fate: a brutal gang rape by G’s lieutenants and everybody else in the club. But you can’t keep a good girl down: Juicy escapes and goes with Gino in search of G’s cash. She can’t believe where it’s been hidden all this time but one thing is for sure: a lot of it is goin’ to good causes, not to mention higher education!

Raunchy and rough, but it moves.

Pub Date: Jan. 25th, 2005
ISBN: 0-345-47721-9
Page count: 320pp
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: Nov. 1st, 2004