HOW TO SURVIVE 2012 IN TWO WEEKS by Robert Y. Haddad



Just in time for the 2012 apocalypse, a well-meaning but brief survivalist primer.

Citing the latest scholarship, the authors warn that on December 21, 2012, at 2311 GMT, “the world will come to an end” by one of two means: either a solar flare will ignite the Earth’s atmosphere, flip the magnetic poles and trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and continental upheavals, or the Earth will pass near “the black hole planet Nibiru,” resulting in many of the same disasters. Fortunately, “at least 10 % of the human race will persist” if they prepare wisely. Haddad and Abujaber, in their debut, recommend that readers build an underground concrete-and-steel bunker complete with ventilation, sewage lines and a reinforced door to keep out intruders. They advise bunker-mates to plan ahead by taking courses in first aid, CPR and wilderness survival. In the most helpful section, they remind readers to stockpile water, ready-to-eat military field rations, medical supplies, rifles and plenty of ammo—along with board games, magazines and liquor to pass the time. At only 36 pages long, the authors’ primer doesn’t provide very much useful detail, especially since the heart of it involves complex construction projects that may require a general contractor’s expertise. The section on post-apocalyptic farming skips over crucial specifics—how will livestock breathe after a solar flare burns off the Earth’s atmosphere?—and, at four pages, is far too sketchy to serve as an agricultural blueprint. The volume was also only published last August, leaving readers less than four months to complete its elaborate program. Readers seeking a manual to help them prepare for catastrophe may want a more comprehensive, detailed and realistic treatment than they will find here.

A survival guide that’s far too brief for its ambitious goals.

ISBN: 978-0988284111
Page count: 36pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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