EXSELLENCE by Ron Needham


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A veteran of the world of corporate sales offers an engaging guidebook for readers looking for a change of career.

Debut author Needham promises new horizons and untold riches for those willing to leave their cubicles behind for an exciting job in sales. He establishes his credentials early by flashing the passport by which most successful salesmen are measured––his W-2s, which show average earnings of $400,000 annually over 10 years. Readers will easily forgive this hint of pirate swagger, however, as he quickly assumes a friendly, breezy and self-deprecating tone: “It’s important to note there is nothing truly special or remarkable about me. I have no Harvard degree, no rich uncle to get me started, no George Clooney looks, and no connections.” Having set the lure of success, Needham closes the deal, as skilled salesmen do, with five simple reasons readers may want to consider sales. He asserts that readers will achieve a better work-life balance, make more money, see the world, lower their stress, and “[d]iscover every company in the world is looking for good salespeople….[Y]ou will always have a job somewhere. Even in a bad economy.” As Needham dispenses advice like a wizened sea captain, hooked readers will be drawn in. He peppers the book with humorous tales from his Irish-American, South Boston neighborhood, as well as stories from his own career as a salesman. Best of all, he offers sound tips for sales success, such as finding a company that already “has a strong brand, good products and great people,” and determining the difference between the art and the science of selling.

A helpful guidebook for sales career candidates, delivered with humor and swagger.

Page count: 232pp
Publisher: Dog Ear Publisher
Program: Kirkus Indie
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