It's Time For A Cure by Roy  Knight, Jr.

It's Time For A Cure

It's Time to Curb Your Carbs to Keep Your Dignity and Save Your Life
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A series of articles, this debut book delivers an account of the dangers of carbohydrate consumption—especially for average eaters who rely on grains and sugars to supply the bulk of their daily diets.

Knight’s theory demonstrates a direct link between carbohydrate consumption and deadly ailments such as cancer and diabetes, along with a host of other diseases like arthritis, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. From the beginning, the author declares sugar as dangerous as nicotine or heroin. Having realized that he could mend previous brain damage and grow new brain cells after a car accident by eliminating grains and all sugars from his diet, the author adamantly promotes a regimen as free of sugars as possible. From there, he explains the impact of sugar consumption on many bodily processes, such as the glycation of cholesterol, which leads to modern illnesses. He also promotes consumption of healthy fats: “Fats won’t glycate other fats…. If, it’s the glycation of cholesterol that leads to most illness and diseases, and building up Nrf2 in your brain can help protect you from that glycation, why wouldn’t you want to build it up?” While scientific in content, the book is also conversational, and written in the first person. For example, the author recounts a story about a friend who decided to have gastric bypass surgery, and argues that this is only a prescription for more future health issues. First, he points out that the bypass patient still faces carbohydrate addiction and has not solved the root of the problem. Next, he points out the dangers of removing part of the stomach: “Your stomach…produces one of the most important hormones for your health, Ghrelin. If you take away the source of this hormone, you’re taking away future health.” While the message is not delivered softly, it is backed with analysis, evidence from other titles, and statistical data regarding the bodily effects of glucose and carbohydrates. Knight’s message is not a mainstream call to limit carbs: It is a full-on attack on carbohydrates as a danger to human health. “Excessive Carbohydrate Consumption is responsible for as much as 42% of all deaths, a minimum of 24 million deaths each year,” the author insists. Readers intrigued by the highly polarized debate between low-carb dieting and carbohydrate-based diets should enjoy this adamant stance. Yet readers searching for a more balanced approach, or those seeking expert medical knowledge, may opt for other titles in the diet and nutrition genre.

A hard-hitting look at the perils of carbohydrates and obesity.

Pub Date: March 15th, 2016
Page count: 216pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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