THE YOU IN YOU by Wilbert Hunt


Unveiling the You that's Hidden from View
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A guide to getting in touch with the astral self and navigating out-of-body experiences with an autobiographical, Christian focus.

Describing himself as an “out-of-body traveler and explorer,” Hunt’s debut work details the distinctions between the physical world and “one governed by our thoughts and subject to our beliefs and emotions.” The book comprises four sections, beginning with a comprehensive rundown of the attributes of the spiritual self and its capabilities, supported by a brief background of scholarship surrounding out-of-body experiences and some of the author’s personal experiences with the phenomenon. The book then explores the unique abilities of the astral body, including communicating with the divine, relating to others more deeply, bringing about changes in the physical realm (particularly relating to weather and illness), exploring past lives, and even summoning visions of the past and future. From there, the focus shifts to an examination of the hostile forces that the author believes are working against humanity’s spiritual growth, among them the ghosts, demons, and extraterrestrials, which the power of God reveals to be nefarious illusions of mankind. The book includes various approaches to bringing together the physical and metaphysical selves, establishing links between the astral self and Scripture, and outlining concrete approaches to “inducing a trance state, where the physical body is asleep and the mind is awake”). Largely drawn from personal experience, Hunt’s book will appeal to readers interested in exploring the intersections of New-Age spirituality and Christianity and is bolstered by an enthusiastic, descriptive writing style (“In that love, I sensed a presence, another being, another entity; this presence had entered along with the rush of love that now infused my consciousness, as though my consciousness was a house, my home, and I was now entertaining an unexpected visitor”). The second half of the book feels somewhat underdeveloped; these sections are noticeably shorter. Even so, the numerous and intricately detailed accounts of astral exploration and past-life experiences (transcending race, gender, and historical period) are sure to engage those with a comprehensive base of prior knowledge on the subject, though they may prove a bit too otherworldly for some. 

A deeply personal, persuasive account of discovering hidden spiritual and mental potential, though not for the uninitiated.

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