Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan’s Mad Honey is the latest pick for the Good Morning America book club.

Picoult and Boylan’s novel, published Tuesday by Ballantine, follows two New Hampshire high school students, Lily and Asher, who fall in love with one another. When Lily is found dead, Asher is arrested and charged, and his mother begins to doubt her son’s pleas of innocence. A critic for Kirkus called the book “a well-paced story that highlights several timely issues, with a stimulating courtroom trial that makes it worth reading.”

Picoult and Boylan discussed their collaboration in an interview with Literary Hub. “In writing this book together, Jodi Picoult and I became friends,” Boylan said. “Each of us weaves webs for a living. We wove Mad Honey together out of friendship. In that way, Jodi lifted up my life a little.”

Juju Chang of ABC News announced the book club selection on the morning show. “This book asks the questions ‘How much of our past do we have to share?’ and ‘Are there parts that we can always keep to ourselves?’” she said.

Picoult shared the news of the novel’s selection on Instagram, writing, “TODAY!!! MAD HONEY is finally here!!! And we’re so thrilled to share the news that it’s the @gmabookclub October pick!”

Michael Schaub, a journalist and regular contributor to NPR, lives near Austin, Texas.