What are some upcoming trends for the next year?

There is a growing demand for rom-com in romance. Authors are still writing and publishers are still acquiring a bit more fluffy or lighthearted romance with humor. Many are staying away from the darker themes like abuse and loss that have been very popular in frequent years in everything from women’s fiction to new adult.

I have also started hearing talk about chick-lit being pulled back out from under the women’s-fiction umbrella again. Also in romance, there seems to be an overflow of demand that started recently in YA for romantic urban fantasy and historical fantasy. This now also includes paranormal romance (it started with werewolves and shifters, and it is now moving to vampires and witches). Sports, alpha heroes, and Westerns have been doing really well, but there are so many out there that I can’t see the demand holding strong much longer. 

Romantic suspense seems to be heading toward cyberthrillers in various creative ways. I’m seeing a significant decrease in the demand for political elements and workplace harassment in most genres. It seems that readers are tired of the topics and are smartly diversifying. 

As to YA, we are seeing a trend that is bifurcating between dark and light with equal demand right now, which is interesting. Historical works are making a comeback. The demand for authentic and quirky voices, strong female leads, and diversity is still huge. However, some of us are starting to also look for well-rounded [adult] male characters and strong lead boys that will serve as role models for future generations. 

This is the perfect segue into middle-grade works. Adventure, science fiction, and other coming-of-age stories with a good male lead will be in high demand. I’ve seen a regrettable decline in supportive and enabling works for boys. I predict that others will join me in the search for great books for young boys. 

In nonfiction, I think that the most notable, and my favorite, expanding trend are books on mindset (outlook, perception, personal growth, open-mindedness) for all ages. From picture books to young readers to teens and adults.

What book/genre/topic would you like to see cross your transom?

I want to see really amazing books for boys and see equal partnership between the genders to achieve or conquer high stakes. A good middle-grade book should leave a positive impression on the child as well as the parent. 

In romance, I want a love story that will make me sigh with appreciation, and if it’s really sexy...awesome! Execution and voice are key! 

I’m also looking for the next heavy science or sci-fi adventure book. I love science fiction that gives me the opportunity to nerd out while blowing my mind. Think of The Martian meets The Matrix.

What topic don’t you ever want to see again? 

I remain open-minded.

What is unique about your corner of the publishing industry?

My team and I are invested in our clients. We are very service-oriented and do everything it takes to help our clients succeed and enjoy the process. We help our writers become better “AuthorPreneurs” and encourage them to learn about the industry and diversify their work and methods. Hybrid authors are welcome!

Anything else you’d like to add? 

If authors would like to learn more from my team and I, we offer AuthorPreneur Workshops, webinars and boot camps with Writer’s Digest and often speak at many conferences every year. Schedules and information can be found on our website. Follow us [on Twitter] at @corvisierolit and @mcorvisiero.

Marisa A. Corvisiero, Esq., is a literary agent and the founder of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. She is also an author coach, literary consultant, speaker, author, and attorney with more than 18 years of experience in corporate law and trusts and estates in New York City. She holds a J.D. from the Pace University School of Law with a focus in corporate and international law. She also received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hofstra University. Marisa began her publishing career as an agent at L. Perkins Associates before founding her own agency, which now has nine agents, two apprentices, and several interns. She has attended more than 60 writing conferences, and hosted or participated in numerous boot camps, workshops, webinars, and tutorials on the craft, mindset, and business of writing at many of those events, as well as hosted her agency’s AuthorPreneur Workshops.