The publisher of a children’s book that its author urged readers not to buy has permanently ended its sales, the Globe and Mail reports.

Reycraft Books has pulled Adam Pottle’s The Most Awesome Character in the Worldf rom publication, more than a month after Pottle asked readers not to buy it, because of an illustration that he objected to as a racial stereotype.

“The book has been pulled from distribution, now permanently, and we have no intention of doing anything further with it,” the publisher’s co-owner, Tom Reycraft, wrote in an email to Pottle’s agent.

Pottle criticized an illustration in the book that depicted a Japanese girl with a double-bun hairstyle and wearing a kimono. A reviewer for Kirkus agreed, writing in a review that the illustration, by Ana Sanfelippo, “unfortunately plays into Asian stereotypes.”

Last month, Reycraft Books publisher Sera Reycraft paused the book’s sales but defended the illustration, saying that “to characterize the image, which is a fun celebratory depiction of a Japanese girl in a festive yukata, as racist is flawed and problematic in my opinion.”

Pottle reacted to Reycraft’s latest decision on Twitter, writing, “The saga with Reycraft has sputtered to an end. No apology. No responsibility taken. Only the barest concession made. My story will live in limbo...It’s saddening. But I have to accept it. And I will continue to write. More stories lie on the horizon.”

Michael Schaub is a Texas-based journalist and regular contributor to NPR.