Books by Denise Giardina

EMILY’S GHOST by Denise Giardina
Released: July 27, 2009

"Something less than the definitive portrait of a frustratingly elusive great writer, but an agreeable read nonetheless, and a good bet for reading groups."
Giardina turns from socially conscious historical novels (Fallam's Secret, 2003, etc.) to a fictionalized biography of sui generis poet and novelist Emily Brontë. Read full book review >
FALLAM’S SECRET by Denise Giardina
Released: March 1, 2003

"A pleasant diversion a feel for the period and some neat surprises, though things drag toward the end and dawdle to the finish line."
Giardina (Saints and Villains, 1998, etc.) time-travels to Puritan England. Read full book review >
SAINTS AND VILLAINS by Denise Giardina
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

"A big novel in every sense of the word, and a triumphant portrayal of one of the century's authentic heroes."
Giardina, whose previous novels Storming Heaven (1987) and The Unquiet Earth (1992) offered thoughtful, provocative considerations of the struggles of American labor, surpasses herself with this powerful re-creation of the life and martyrdom of German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer (190645), who participated in a plot to kill Hitler and was executed at Buchenwald in the waning days of the war. Read full book review >
THE UNQUIET EARTH by Denise Giardina
Released: June 1, 1992

"Lives of not-so-quiet desperation luminously described, but despite a great subject and setting, the major characters who should hold it all together never do."
A disappointingly unaffecting saga from West Virginia novelist Giardina (Good King Harry, 1984, Storming Heaven, 1987) about the deathwatch of a once-vibrant Appalachian mining community. Read full book review >