Books by Francine du Plessix Gray

Released: June 18, 2012

"An accurate but lifeless retelling."
Du Plessix Gray attempts to fictionalize the love of Marie Antoinette's life, without much success. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 1, 2008

"Serviceable but ultimately uninspiring."
Biographer/novelist/journalist du Plessix Gray (Them, 2005, etc.) brings her personal and professional expertise in French culture, letters, politics and history to a short biography of the celebrated liberal writer and political provocateur. Read full book review >
THEM by Francine du Plessix Gray
Released: May 5, 2005

"Famous names and juicy stories, served up with literary elegance."
Distinguished journalist, novelist and biographer du Plessix Gray (Simone Weil, 2001, etc.) turns her descriptive and analytic powers to the legendary lives of her glamorous, Russian-born mother and stepfather. Read full book review >
SIMONE WEIL by Francine du Plessix Gray
Released: June 25, 2001

"A superbly nuanced portrait of a tortured character."
A lucid portrait of the enigmatic French writer and mystic. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 11, 1998

"Gray's sharp and vivid prose, together with her skills as a storyteller, give this biography its edge over the scholars whose works have preceded it."
Despite his manic promiscuities and a conspicuous gift for generating catastrophe, the Marquis de Sade was, according to Gray, a happily married man. Read full book review >
Released: March 18, 1994

"A vivid and absorbing account—but Colet is as unsympathetic as Madame Bovary, remaining an unknown, misguided figure of unfulfilled passions and talents, a heroine in a naughty novel, famous for the scenes she made and the men she loved."
To ``reinstate a colleague'' and ``resurrect another woman,'' Gray, novelist (October Blood, 1985) and journalist (Soviet Women, 1990), has composed a life and sexual history of Colet (1810-76), poet, political and fashion journalist, dramatist, and muse to Flaubert, by whom, after their tempestuous affair, she was immortalized as Madame Bovary. Read full book review >