Books by Gwendolen Gross

WHEN SHE WAS GONE by Gwendolen Gross
Released: March 19, 2013

"Death, life, redemption and music combine in a rewarding novel."
A teenage girl goes missing, and the reader learns the intertwining stories of her family and neighbors. Read full book review >
THE ORPHAN SISTER by Gwendolen Gross
Released: July 19, 2011

"At its best, the novel delves into the sister relationships, but the triplet hook only goes so far to mitigate the annoying entitlement of the characters and the heavy-handed if familiar plot."
The youngest of triplet sisters asserts her identity in Gross' fourth novel (The Other Mother, 2007, etc.). Read full book review >
THE OTHER MOTHER by Gwendolen Gross
Released: Aug. 14, 2007

"Gross gets many emotional details about marriage and the intensity of mother-love right, but she milks her trendy issues to didactic death."
Gross (Getting Out, 2002, etc.) pits working mother versus stay-at-home mother in yet another fiction about women's ambivalent struggle to combine work and family. Read full book review >
GETTING OUT by Gwendolen Gross
Released: June 11, 2002

"If the fabricated gender-nonspecific machismo of TV's Survivor bores the hell out of you, try this out. It's a charmer."
Even committed couch potatoes should enjoy the graceful blending of outdoor adventuring and wry immersion in family dynamics that distinguishes this engaging second novel by Gross (Field Guide , 2001). Read full book review >
FIELD GUIDE by Gwendolen Gross
Released: April 4, 2001

"Stunning. A remarkable debut. "
In precise and lyrical prose, newcomer Gross spins this gorgeously melancholic tale of two scientists from opposite ends of the globe whose paths eventually cross. Read full book review >