Books by Jackie Collins

THE SANTANGELOS by Jackie Collins
Released: June 16, 2015

"Collins' dim view of human nature never fails to entertain."
The latest in the adventures of Collins' lady mobster with a heart of platinum, Lucky Santangelo. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 4, 2014

"Even the staunchest fans of the Santangelo family may be disappointed with this rather thin addition to the saga."
Collins (The Power Trip, 2013, etc.) returns with the story of her beloved Lucky's teenage years. Read full book review >
THE POWER TRIP by Jackie Collins
Released: Feb. 5, 2013

"Glitzy and exciting."
A birthday cruise on the Sea of Cortez with some of the most beautiful people in the world is threatened first by personal intrigues and then by pirates. Life in the fast lane has hit the open seas. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 13, 2011

"Unapologetic thrills with oodles of flash."
All plotlines lead to Vegas in this latest installment of Collins' saga of the irrepressible and seemingly immortal Lucky Santangelo. Read full book review >
Released: June 26, 2007

"Despite phoned-in thrills, a breathless hurtle to the 'explainer' epilogue."
Collins' 25th is a silver-anniversary sleaze-fest starring "Lady Boss" Lucky Santangelo in a supporting role. Read full book review >
LOVERS AND PLAYERS by Jackie Collins
Released: Feb. 7, 2006

"Wicked fun, but lacking a heroine complex enough to root for."
Depraved billionaire summons his three estranged sons to New York for a surprise announcement in Collins's (Hollywood Divorces, 2003, etc.) latest. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 2, 2003

"Very familiar plot tarted up with skin-tight tracksuits and backwards baseball caps. But the cheekiness and bitchy energy of Collins's previous trashy treats just ain't here—as if written by someone else: uncharacteristically dull."
Movie stars get mad—and get even. Read full book review >
DEADLY EMBRACE by Jackie Collins
Released: June 11, 2002

"Preposterous plot, unattractive characters, and crude dialogue make for a lackluster sequel to Lethal Seduction (2001). No razzle-dazzle, no Hollywood cameos, and, worst of all, no shopping."
Celebrity journalist Madison Castelli's life is falling apart. Read full book review >
HOLLYWOOD WIVES by Jackie Collins
Released: June 22, 2001

"Collins resolves these and many other questions at breakneck pace, with her inimitable touch of crass evident throughout. Happiness awaits schlock connoisseurs and uncritical fans alike."
The usual mixed bag of vixens, sexy louts, and a hardworking star or two from Collins (Lethal Seduction, 2000, etc), on familiar territory in la-la land once more. Read full book review >
LETHAL SEDUCTION by Jackie Collins
Released: July 14, 2000

"Cool as a subzero shot of designer vodka, and just as unreal."
Madison Castelli, celebrity profiler for an upscale Manhattan magazine and heroine of Collins's L.A. Connections series, takes center stage in this coast-to-coast melodrama amid a memorably horny cast of characters. Read full book review >
DANGEROUS KISS by Jackie Collins
Released: June 7, 1999

The fifth in a series featuring sexy Lucky Santangelo (Vendetta, 1997, etc.), the feminist, gun-toting head of Panther Studios. Lucky is a survivor, and she's had a lot to survive. She was only five when she discovered her mother dead in a swimming pool, murdered by her nemesis, the Bonnatti family. And then Lucky's third husband and soulmate, the handsome Hollywood director Lennie Golden, was kidnaped and manacled for six months in a cave in Sicily, rescued from same by the young and lovely Claudia, with whom he had a one-day stand. Lennie had been married previously to the daughter of Lucky's second husband, the Greek shipping magnate Dmitri Stanislopoulos, and Lucky's former step-granddaughter Brigette Stanislopoulos, a "top supermodel," has also had plenty of death and sexual perversion to survive, though she hasn't done it as well as Lucky. When we join up with everyone now, Lucky is 40 but still the smartest, most beautiful woman in Hollywood, and Lennie is directing a film starring Mary Lou, the wife of Lucky's black half-brother Steven—until, on the way from the studio, Mary Lou is murdered in a carjacking. Brigette, meanwhile, is raped and turned into a heroin addict by her vicious Italian husband Carlo, who hopes to steal her inheritance (from her grandfather, the shipping magnate). And Claudia shows up from Sicily with Lennie's illegitimate son, the product of that one-day stand. In the end, Lucky threatens Carlo with castration, shoots a psychopath threatening Lennie, and agrees to raise Lennie's Sicilian son. If you like Collins, this one's a hoot. Well, even if you don—t. (Literary Guild Main selection; Doubleday Book Club Main selection; TV and radio satellite tour; author tour) Read full book review >
THRILL by Jackie Collins
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

Collins (Vendetta, 1997, etc.) once again weaves her trademark web of Hollywood romance and intrigue, in a 17th novel that's sure to capture her rabid fans. Luscious movie star and genuine nice-girl Lara Ivory is the pivotal character here, but she has a stellar supporting cast. Lara's ex-husband, respected director Richard Barry, has remarried costume designer and aspiring producer Nikki—who has become Lara's new best friend. Add to the (temporarily) happy threesome the mysterious, brooding would-be actor Joey Lorenzo, Nikki's emotionally damaged and headed-for-trouble daughter, 15-year-old Summer, and crazed stalker Alison Sewall, who's been harboring a longtime obsession with Lara and is now out of the pen and thirsty for revenge. When Lara accepts a difficult role in Nikki's first movie—a low-budget, independent film about a teacher who's gang- raped and then seeks revenge on her attackers—all hell breaks loose. Richard can't stand either his wife's prospective success or her bond with his ex, for whom he still carries a torch. His subsequent infidelities (which is why Lara also left him) push Nikki into the arms of drug-addict and brilliant actor Aiden Sean, who just happens to be playing the lead rapist in her film. The love that's burning between Lara and Joey, however (neither is willing to reveal anything from the past, to fans, the media, or each other), is the main event here, taking precedence over Summer's disappearance, which—as the climactic near-finale— manages to somehow tie loose threads together in a tenuous but feasible knot. The gimmick of including snippets of Richard's secret script (really a diary of his secret early years as a criminal and runaway) is more distracting than not. With all the requisite ingredients—sex, drugs, Hollywood, even incest—but somehow the results this time are clearly lackluster (dare we suggest too formulaic?). Read full book review >
VENDETTA by Jackie Collins
Released: Feb. 1, 1997

Collins is back, and so is the ever-popular Lucky (Lady Boss, 1990, etc.), both operating here, it would seem, on automatic pilot. Lucky Santangelo is due for some trouble, and not just because she's appearing in yet another sequel. Everything's been calm for too long: She's finally the head of Panther Studios, and with two hit movies on her hands and more to come, she's really turning the place around; moreover, her husband, successful actor Lennie Golden, is a true love match, and her three young children are thriving. Then enter Donna Landesman, nÇe Donatella Bonnatti, one of the last surviving members of the Bonnatti family, the longtime archrivals of the Santangelos, who, as Lucky points out more than once, don't like to be ``fucked with.'' First, Lennie has a so- called accidental death in a fiery car crash. Then, Lucky's niece Brigette Stanislopoulos is taken advantage of by a sleazy New York modeling agent and one of his top models. Meanwhile, notoriously difficult director Alex Woods is making his new movie —Gangsters- -at Panther, as well as making some moves on the recently widowed Lucky. Not to mention that Venus Maria, pop singer and would-be actress/sex symbol (and one of Lucky's best friends) is wooing Alex to gain a key role in his film. And (pause for breath) Lennie's not really dead after all, but may just as well be since he's trapped in a cave somewhere in Italy! When Lucky discovers Donna's true identity, and learns that her own supposedly loyal advisor, Morton Sharkey, has helped the Bonnatti family wreak havoc on the Santangelos, she develops a mean case of tunnel vision, vowing not to rest until justice—of the vigilante sort—is done. Seventy-five percent of the fun here lies in guessing what Hollywood hot shots Collins is really dishing (Madonna, Oliver Stone, etc.). Otherwise, it's rather a by-the-numbers if harmless romp. ($300,000 ad/promo; author tour) Read full book review >
HOLLYWOOD KIDS by Jackie Collins
Released: Sept. 19, 1994

Egomaniacs in fast cars, Armani-clad spoiled rich kids, their movie mogul parents, ``lavishly appointed'' Tinseltown homes, and always-sensational sex—it's Collins romping on her well-trodden but ever-fertile ground. Jordanna Levitt and her pals—precocious, underachieving children of the movie industry's most important and dysfunctional families—are known as ``The Hollywood Five.'' Jordanna is a slut without ambition, Marjorie Sanderson is suicidal, Shep Worth is in the closet, Grant Lennon and Cheryl Landers operate a call girl operation. When she's bounced from the mansion of her producer dad and his pregnant, younger-than-she-is new wife, Jordanna takes a job as the assistant (and later costar) of ``incredibly good- looking'' movie star/director Bobby Rush, the child of a brilliant but cruel famous actor. Their devastating physical attractions and broken homes make the two kindred spirits, but Jordanna's got a problem that even a top Bel Air psychotherapist couldn't solve: She's being hunted by a madman against whom she testified at his trial for murder. Luckily for her, handsome Brooklyn cop Michael Scorsinni has just relocated to L.A. He and a top-notch celebrity reporter for Style Wars, the gorgeous and down-to-earth Kennedy Chase, team up to stop the crime (as well as grapple with their own lives' melodramas) and in so doing, fall in love. All this races in front of a backdrop of superlatives: the hottest clubs, the harshest drugs, the seamiest sex, the meanest mafia, and the prettiest posers. The Hollywood Kids are palimpsests upon which are listed the traumas of the trust fund; Michael and Kennedy are cut from the ``beautiful but damaged'' cloth; supporting characters (the black cop buddy, the lusty Latina newscaster) are straight from Central Casting. Plot, though suspenseful, offers few surprises. Still, it's a Porscheload of fun. It's logical: Hollywood Wives and Hollywood Husbands breed Less Than 9 Zero 210 offspring. (First printing of 500,000; Literary Guild main selection; author tour) Read full book review >
AMERICAN STAR by Jackie Collins
Released: April 5, 1993

Collins (Lady Boss, etc.) returns to Hollywood (and New York and Kansas) in this perfunctory 20-year romantic saga between a small-town princess and a poor, rakish Italian-American stud- -nothing new from this author, but then who among her readers cares? Nick Angelo (think black hair, blue eyes, tight pants, dimpled chin) may have grown up on the wrong side of the tracks, but he's always been lucky when it comes to females—as demure Lauren Roberts discovers when Nick moves to Bosewell, Kansas, in the wake of his mother's death. Entering high school with plans to keep his head down and land the first girl willing to keep him warm, Nick is instead inexplicably smitten by prim, comely Lauren—who's unhappily engaged to the richest boy in town. A hot romance soon flares up, causing Lauren's outraged parents to lock her in her room and her would-be in-laws to see that Nick is expelled from school. Vowing to get rich quick and come back for Lauren, Nick takes off for Chicago, but a Kansas tornado, an unwanted pregnancy, and hard times in Chicago separate the couple until each is convinced that the other has given up on the affair. A decade later the two meet again in New York just as Nick Angelo (now Nick Angel, a film actor) is on the brink of success and Lauren, a New York businesswoman, is about to become an extremely well-paid model. This time Lauren's engagement to a wealthy older man and Nick's entanglement in a blackmail scheme stand in the star-crossed lovers' way, and it is many more years, romantic traumas, multimillion-dollar business deals, Beverly Hills parties, and Manhattan penthouse dinners before busy, thirtysomething Nick and Lauren find the time to fall into each other's arms once and for all. Standard fare told in plodding, unimaginative fashion—with the requisite sex scenes, career fantasies, and designer outfits all in place. (Literary Guild Dual Selection for June) Read full book review >