Books by Max Barry

Max Barry is an Australian, for which he apologizes. He is the author of the cult hit Syrup, although he spelled his name “Maxx” for that novel, “because it seemed like a funny joke about marketing, and I failed to realize everyone would assume I was a pr

LEXICON by Max Barry
Released: June 18, 2013

"An up-all-night thriller for freaks and geeks who want to see their wizards all grown up in the real world and armed to the teeth in a bloody story."
Modern-day sorcerers fight a war of words in this intensely analytical yet bombastic thriller. Read full book review >
MACHINE MAN by Max Barry
Released: Aug. 9, 2011

"Though this novel is notably darker than his other books, Barry still finds a smirking and at times uproarious way to expose our endless obsession with technological fixes."
A timid scientist becomes a military-grade bionic man in the latest corporate satire from Barry (Jennifer Government, 2003, etc.). Read full book review >
COMPANY by Max Barry
Released: Jan. 17, 2006

"Comic relief for any b-school grads (or Office Space fans) who've had their fill of Collins, Drucker and Peters."
A raucous black comedy about corporate management that's tailor-made for anybody who's ever gone to the office feeling like a lab rat. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 2003

"It's Catch-22 by way of The Matrix."
Bubblegum pop-future comedy in which corporations go to war like feudal fiefdoms. Read full book review >
SYRUP by Max Barry
Released: July 1, 1999

"A bit too slick, but funny and fast all the same: about as filling as cotton candy, but just as sweet going down."
A rollicking debut about a cola marketing campaign that takes on Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and corporate America in one perfectly executed triple play. Read full book review >