Books by Wilbur Smith

WILBUR SMITH is the bestselling author of twenty-nine novels, all meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His books are now translated into twenty-six languages and have sold over eighty million copies.

ON LEOPARD ROCK by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 1, 2018

"A good read for his fans; a relic from another age for the rest of us."
The adventurous autobiography of one of the world's most prolific and popular novelists. Read full book review >
THE TIGER'S PREY by Wilbur Smith
Released: Oct. 17, 2017

"A cyclone of nonstop action-adventure with enough swordplay and bodice-ripping to recall the Errol Flynn swashbuckler pirate movies of old."
Turning the time machine back to the 17th century, Smith (War Cry, 2017, etc.) shifts the Courtney family saga to Tom Courtney's battles with the British East India Company. Read full book review >
WAR CRY by Wilbur Smith
Released: April 4, 2017

"Occasionally melodramatic, sometimes grandiloquent; those who liked Wouk's War and Remembrance will certainly enjoy this Smith saga."
Continuing Smith's Courtney family epic (Assegai, 2009, etc.), this novel focuses on big-game hunter Leon and his daughter, Saffron, during the post-World War I era, first on their great Kenya estate, Lusima, and then as they move toward the bloody fray that became World War II. Read full book review >
PHARAOH by Wilbur Smith
Released: Oct. 18, 2016

"A swords-and-sandals action-adventure no worse or better than the first five in Smith's Egyptian series."
Smith (Desert God, 2014, etc.) continues the saga of Lord Taita, loyal consigliere to Pharaoh Tamose. Read full book review >
GOLDEN LION by Wilbur Smith
Released: Oct. 20, 2015

"Add a Dutch captain in flight after seducing an admiral's daughter, a duplicitous British consul, and a rescue from a Heart of Darkness colonial gold mine, and there's enough action to keep pages turning."
Sending young Hal Courtney sailing the Golden Bough along the coast of East Africa, Smith (Desert God, 2014, etc.) enlists co-author Kristian to resume his swashbuckling 17th-century series featuring the Courtneys.Read full book review >
DESERT GOD by Wilbur Smith
Released: Oct. 21, 2014

"With Minoan civilization destroyed by the eruption, Taita routs the Hykos, albeit still in perilous control of lower Egypt, which suggests Smith's eunuch/warrior/statesman has another adventure in store."
Delving again into ancient history, Smith (Vicious Circle, 2013, etc.) returns to the adventures of Taita, first a slave and then diplomat-warrior for pharaohs.Read full book review >
VICIOUS CIRCLE by Wilbur Smith
Released: Oct. 8, 2013

"Not for the faint of heart, or stomach."
Smith (Those in Peril, 2011, etc.) continues the saga of Hector Cross, warrior, rich man. Read full book review >
THOSE IN PERIL by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 1, 2011

"An uneven, ripped-from-the-headlines swashbuckler whose heroes dodge their enemies' bullets and the implications of their own actions, with mixed results."
Smith tackles modern-day pirates in this adventure novel set in Africa. Read full book review >
ASSEGAI by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 12, 2009

"Lions, hunters, dirigibles and wanton women don't necessarily mean something for everyone."
Smith (The Quest, 2007, etc.) delivers plenty of the usual high-pitched adventure and old-fashioned prose in his latest addition to the interminable Courtney family saga. Read full book review >
THE QUEST by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 15, 2007

"A tough slog."
A perceptive Egyptian eunuch who starred in Smith's 1994 River God returns, 100 years older and wiser, ready to take on the stinking bitch goddess who has brought ruin to Egypt. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 2005

"Nobody does it better. But almost nobody even tries."
Smith, grandmaster of the Grand African Adventure, quits his familiar southern haunts for the wastes of the Sudan, where wait the Siege of Khartoum, fates worth than death and more corpses than stars in the heaven. Read full book review >
THE BLUE HORIZON by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 13, 2003

"Utter nonsense, but as readable as ever. Really big retro-fun for the gents."
Superprolific chronicler of Afro-colonial glory days Smith continues the saga of the Courtney family from where it left off in Monsoon (1999). Read full book review >
WARLOCK by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 22, 2001

"Warlock will get a major marketing campaign."
Third appearance of Taita, the witty but enigmatic polymath eunuch who narrated River God (1994) and reappeared largely on a 4,000-year-old papyrus scroll in The Seventh Scroll (1995). Read full book review >
MONSOON by Wilbur Smith
Released: May 25, 1999

"Smith overstuffs every possible paragraph of his cutlass-and-pistol epic, yet he paces his tale as swiftly as he can with swordplay aplenty and killing strokes that come like lightning out of a sunny blue sky."
Bestselling Smith (the Ancient Egypt duet River God, 1994, and The Seventh Scroll,1995, etc.), who usually specializes in colorfully escapist tales with South African settings, returns to the 18th-century scene of his seagoing Birds of Prey (1997) to continue with the lives of the three sons of Sir Henry —Hal— Courteney—Tom, Dorian, and Guy. Read full book review >
BIRDS OF PREY by Wilbur Smith
Released: July 12, 1997

"Though Smith's 27th novel brims with his characteristic love of African flora and fauna, the clunky prose, tawdry sex scenes, and trite plotting make this well-researched, fast-paced epic nearly unreadable."
South African writer Smith leaves the Egyptian sands of River God (1994) and The Seventh Scroll (1995) to deliver a breathlessly plotted, clichÇ-clogged swashbuckler of English pirates harrying Dutch traders off the Cape of Good Hope in 1667. Read full book review >
Released: April 1, 1995

"A master storyteller at the top of his considerable form. (First printing of 250,000; $250,000 ad/promo)"
A rousing, good sequel to River God, Smith's 1994 bestseller, which takes the immensely entertaining form of a high-tech treasure hunt. Read full book review >
RIVER GOD by Wilbur Smith
Released: March 1, 1994

"Brightly colored, sweeping escapism. (First printing of 150,000)"
Smith's 23rd doorstopper—nearly all of them about South Africa (Elephant Song, Golden Fox, etc.)—gallops swiftly through the action and flying blood his fans have come to relish, though for the first time Smith sets his story in Egypt 2,000 years before Christ. Read full book review >
ELEPHANT SONG by Wilbur Smith
Released: Feb. 1, 1992

"Smith knows the scene."
A dashing producer of TV documentaries battles to save his beloved Africa from callous international multimillionaires and home-grown villainous politicians—in a free-standing adventure from the author of the Africa-based Courtney sagas (Golden Fox, A Time to Die, etc.) and others. Read full book review >

South African-adventure writer Smith continues his saga of the Courtney family (When the Lion Feeds, The Sound of Thunder, A Sparrow Falls), now taking the superrich Courtneys into the 70's and pitting them against the Cubans who have moved into nearby Angola. Read full book review >