Blood & Roses Series Book One by Callie Hart

Blood & Roses Series Book One

Deviant & Fracture
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From author Hart (Fallen, 2014, etc.) comes an erotic crime novel featuring an unlikely pair of heroes.

Though a commanding emergency room resident who states “I’m most at home in my scrubs,” Sloane is a young woman willing to prostitute herself for a night if it will help find her missing sister. Somewhat inexperienced, she finds sex with a stranger arousing: “I’ve never felt anything like this before. It feels…incredible.” The man behind the incredible experience is Zeth Mayfair. Working as muscle for a criminal organization run by an English rough named Charlie, Zeth is no stranger to violence. He is, however, not without his scruples. Alarmed that Charlie has begun trafficking in young women—as opposed to just drugs and other less objectionable crimes—Zeth is suspicious of his longtime boss. When a trip to the emergency room reunites Zeth and Sloane years after their initial encounter, the two embark on a quest, filled with erotic pauses, to find Sloane’s sister. Sexual, violent and swarming with biker gangs, trauma patients and a troubled girl named Lacey (as Zeth laments, “I’ve got fifteen minutes to get home before Lacey officially freaks the fuck out”), the story moves at top speed. Coercing the initially virginal Sloane into all sorts of acts ranging from public masturbation (“I am not masturbating in a public restroom, buddy!” Sloane initially insists) to explicitly described orgy attendance, the goal of finding Sloane’s sister tends to take a back seat to more X-rated scenes. While sections with gangsters can prove stereotypical; e.g., a Mexican gang lord asks, “Going somewhere, ese?” readers interested in myriad graphic bedroom activities will not be disappointed: Sloane and Zeth may hail from different backgrounds, but their combined erotic charge is irresistible.

Fast-paced and sex-crazed; a wild ride for the protagonists and their fans.

Pub Date: Feb. 12th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0992597122
Page count: 180pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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