Kirsty Greenwood’s The Love of My Afterlife is the latest Good Morning America book club pick.

Greenwood’s romantic comedy, published Tuesday by Berkley, follows 27-year-old Delphie, a woman who dies after choking on a hamburger and is sent to a waiting room in the afterlife, where she meets a handsome man. He is sent back to earth, and Delphie is given the chance to return as well in order to reconnect with him.

ABC News reporter Maggie Rulli announced the novel’s selection from London, calling it “heartwarming and hilarious.

Greenwood discussed her book in a remote interview with Rulli, who noted that the novel was both a romantic comedy and a coming-of-age story.

“I think showing somebody later in life having a fresh start is really invigorating to read,” Greenwood said. “There’s no age limit to brand-new starts.”

She also discussed the character of Delphie, saying, “It’s not usual to have such an introverted and slightly prickly person as the lead in a romantic story, but there are prickly introverts all over the world.”

Rulli asked Greenwood about her writing process, and the author’s answer involved a blast-from-the-past rap single.

“I started a new writing ritual when I was writing this book,” she said. “I decided to write it in 20-minute bursts. I would do 20 minutes on Zoom with a friend, and then we would stop and we would get some MC Hammer on, and we’d have a dance break.”

Asked by Rulli which MC Hammer song she listened to, Greenwood laughed and replied, “It was ‘U Can’t Touch This.’”

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.