ZOMBIE RUN by Dwayne  Perkin


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In this comic horror novel, two human survivors of a zombie apocalypse fall in love.

While Hanson Belfour is at his weekend job updating computer systems, a sudden zombie outbreak occurs. He locks himself in the empty building and survives. Before too long, the zombies stop being violent and return to the routines that they had as humans—including going to work every day. Hanson is able to walk among them, albeit slowly. A decade later, Hanson is living with his zombified brother, Rick, and assumes that he’s the last living human on Earth. That’s why he’s surprised when he happens upon “the most beautiful zombie he’d ever seen.” It’s Alicia Hooker, whom readers know is also human and feigning zombification. Alicia regularly socializes with other human survivors, many of whom who hang out at a secret, zombie-free social space called the Blue Oyster. When she and Hanson finally connect, they’re almost immediately smitten with each other. Alas, being in love can be dangerous, as excessive emotion draws unwanted zombie attention. Soon there’s a human threat to their maturing romance, as well: an ex-boyfriend from Alicia’s pre-apocalypse past. As Hanson worries about the future of their relationship, Alicia becomes determined to locate the reputed “Promised Land,” a safe haven for humans. Perkins (Hot Chocolate for the Mind, 2012) and Sakai (co-author: 442, 2019, etc.) deliver a zombie tale that’s more funny than scary. There’s still plenty of tension, however, as the zombies remain a perpetual menace; whenever characters let their guard down, they often receive violent reminders of the zombies’ presence. The comedy, meanwhile, is generally subtle, as when Alicia muses that eating cow brains, as part of her zombie act, isn’t “the healthiest diet in the world.” Most of the zombie attacks are implied, rather than described, which strengthens the lighthearted tone. However, the story tends to lean on clichés, particularly when it comes to the central couple’s relationship; as a result, a few plot turns, while entertaining, are also unsurprising. 

A droll and charming zombie tale that’s a bit hampered by predictability.

Pub Date: May 15th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-62526-889-1
Page count: 251pp
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Program: Kirkus Indie
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