Otorongo by JimLinsa


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A man explores psychedelic worlds with a sensual ghost for a guide in this erotic novel.

Jim, a human being, and Linsa, a spirit, have good conversations, but they do most of their communication through copious amounts of sex. When another apparent spirit, Prince Jod, appears one day, Linsa spends the weekend with him, and he and his spirit girlfriend, Riane, show her the time of her sexual life. When Jim asks to meet the newcomers, Linsa agrees, and soon Jim is having tantric sex with Riane, who reveals that Jod is actually a demon and that she’s Jod’s slave. Apparently, Jod is living in Jim’s “Third Chakra”; Linsa and Jim take a trip there, and it’s revealed to be a trippy, sex-filled Oz, complete with “munchkins.” Their mission is to prove to Jod that Jim is actually King Richard the Lion Heart, but that may be trickier than it seems. From Oz, they continue traveling in the various worlds of Jim’s chakras, experiencing everything from hallucinogenic drugs to the Wild West to even more sex. Every new spirit and erotic escapade is meant to lead Jim to the truth that he needs in order to unite with Linsa forever. Absurdity is the name of the game in this meandering tale that’s full of kooky characters and made-up worlds. The novel is largely written as quotation-mark–free dialogue, with some stage directions in parentheses thrown in. The best humor comes when characters, including the Sheriff of Nottingham, speak in a parody of Old English. But ultimately, this novel is just a vehicle for sex scenes, described every which way and involving every imaginable orifice. The erotic incidents range from the predictable to the instructional (one involves “Just the wrist now,” for example), but they’ll exhaust readers before Jim’s journey even begins.

An experimental work that will leave many erotica fans baffled.

Pub Date: May 13th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4917-9538-5
Page count: 344pp
Publisher: iUniverse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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