LET THERE BE LIGHT by Mark Leonard


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In this debut YA novel, a time traveler discovers that the Ice Age occurred several thousand years ago, matching the biblical account of Creation.

Bill Abrams is a scientist who aims to prove the Earth’s true age and development via his invention, a time machine he dubs the Light Assimilator, propelled by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. He questions the current scientific consensus that the Earth is billions of years old: “I am beginning to believe that man, dinosaurs, and even trilobites lived together on this planet surrounded by a tropical haven until something catastrophic happened.” Abrams travels to 2351 B.C.E. and discovers that the Earth is one giant continent, Saudi Arabia is a massive jungle, and a solid band of water is “located at the edge of outer space where the ozone layer is today.” In between some exploits and narrow escapes, Abrams documents his findings—including dinosaurs and Noah’s Ark. Sadly, all his evidence is lost when Halley’s Comet disrupts the water belt, causing a great flood. Now convinced that Genesis is true, Abrams decides: “I must also believe in the remainder of the Scriptures,” including the New Testament, and is converted to Christianity. Though he returns to the present, the government gets involved, suppressing this new knowledge—for now. In his novel, Leonard offers a fast-moving, Jules Verne–like story with dangers, escapes, and dinosaurs. It’s backed by science-ish explanations; for example, ultraviolet rays act like a magnet somehow to propel the craft. This detail is perplexing, though—why isn’t the time machine just drawn straight into the sun? Even more controversial, for the science-minded, is the tale’s evidence for Abrams’ theories—including that dinosaurs, trilobites, and humans lived together on Earth—for which it is easy to find, for those who care to look on the internet, well-reasoned debunking. (A short creationist bibliography is included.) Leonard also repeatedly identifies Abrams as an archaeologist, though he performs climate science and wrote his thesis on radiation propulsion. The author’s insistence that early humans were all light-skinned, together with Abrams’ conversion to Christianity, may also bother some readers.

A fast-paced adventure involving dinosaurs that should appeal to creationists.

Pub Date: May 28th, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4908-7300-8
Page count: 190pp
Publisher: Westbow Press
Program: Kirkus Indie
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