MONDAY REDUX by Robert Favole


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Underdog student Rego Poppel finds himself with the opportunity to relive–and therefore change–the day a tragic shooting happened at his high school.

At the opening, Rego finds himself face to face with the shooter, Lance Cummings, who bullies Rego into choosing the next victim of his rampage; Rego's initial hesitation costs the lives of a classmate and the school custodian. We also learn that Lance and Rego were friends, though evidently not the best situation for Rego: Lance divides his time between torturing Rego's dog Rex and adding new names to the list of those he plans to punish in the future. Favole fills his chapters with media noise, providing snippets of babble from TV and radio as Rego recounts his initial experience with the shooting at the school, the aftermath, and his ensuing remorse. Thanks to a mysterious e-mail from a time-traveler, Rego receives a second chance to spring into action, which meets with only partial success and fewer casualties. This is small comfort to our hero, who, with a growing disdain for self-serving reporters, an overbearing mother, and an egocentric father, begins to work through his inability to act and requests yet another chance, which he is granted. With smooth prose, Favole insightfully criticizes the inanity of talking heads while not falling into the trap of painting all victims as angels.

An un-preachy story that lands a palpable blow to law enforcement inefficiency and media interference.

Pub Date: June 1st, 2003
ISBN: 1-930826-11-7
Program: Kirkus Indie
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