From the "The Weir Chronicles" series, volume 4
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The fourth book in Duff's (Off Beat, 2017, etc.) Weir Chronicles brings together allies old and new as the battle to save two worlds from an evil clan leader continues.

In the last book, Ian Black learned that the Primary, the leader of the Pur, is as scheming and manipulative as his Duach brother, Aeros. Ian, the Pur Heir, has struck up an uneasy alliance with the Duach rebels, including their Heir, Jaered. They plan to join forces against Aeros, who plans to finish draining the core energy of Earth and his homeworld, Thrae. But before they can do so, Ian wants to go to Thrae to find Rayne, the woman he loves; he learns that she’s in the company of Gwynn, the mother that Ian’s never met. Meanwhile, on Earth, Jaered is teaching the newly risen third Heir, Patrick, how to control his powers, such as teleportation (“shyfting”) and generating energy blasts. It’s slow going—Patrick believed that he was human before he learned that his mother is actually the Duach rebel leader Eve, and he’s still shocked by his true heritage. As all three Heirs and their friends prepare for a final, decisive battle against Aeros and the Primary, new secrets will be revealed. Earlier volumes in this sci-fi series sometimes suffered from a surfeit of exposition and too little forward momentum. This time around, though, Duff’s world is fully fleshed out, allowing for a quick-moving plot that spans multiple locations and even multiple dimensions. Although the cast of characters hasn’t gotten any smaller, they’re all well-developed enough to avoid confusion. Duff is especially adept at action scenes—the book’s many pitched battles are a joy to read—and Rayne and Ian’s romance, which was neglected in the previous book, effectively returns to the forefront here.

An exciting, action-packed fourth installment to a series that keeps getting better.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9970156-4-5
Publisher: CrossWinds Publishing
Program: Kirkus Indie
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