Hi friends!

Did everyone have a fun Halloween?

Yesterday also started the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexican communities, so I wanted to remind you all to read Zoraida Cordova’s Brooklyn Brujas series. While not specifically related to Day of the Dead, the series has a distinctly Latin American brand of magic, deals with the battle of good and evil, and has imagery that evokes Day of the Dead artistry, so it would be a great choice for this week.

Book 1 is Labyrinth Lost (review), Book 2 is Bruja Born (review).

Have you discovered Jennifer Armentrout’s de Vincents novels? Armentrout has to be one of the most versatile romance writers out there these days. She writes everything and rarely misses the mark. This series takes place in Louisiana/New Orleans and has hints of gothic, supernatural elements.

Book 1 is MOONLIGHT SINS (Kirkus wasn’t a huge fan - review), Book 2 is MOONLIGHT SEDUCTION

Moonlight Scandals It sounds like Book 1 hinted at ghosts, but didn’t actually have them. Book 3, MOONLIGHT SCANDALS, releases January 29, though it sounds like a perfect read for this week. I received an ARC of the title and skimmed the first few chapters in honor of Halloween. I’m intrigued. Will definitely have to get the audio to finish it, but I know there’s a medium, and hints of some ghostly activity. (Well, at least you can pre-order it this week…And Devlin is yum!)

It takes a fearless woman to love the most scandalous man alive in New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Armentrout’s breathtaking novel

Even a ghost hunter like Rosie Herpin couldn’t have foreseen the fateful meeting between two mourners that has brought her so intimately close to the notorious and seductive Devlin de Vincent. Everyone in New Orleans knows he’s heir to a dark family curse that both frightens and enthralls. To the locals, Devlin is the devil. To Rosie, he’s a man who’s stoking her wildest fantasies. When a brutal attack on her friend is linked to the de Vincents, he becomes a mystery she may be risking her life to solve. 

Devlin knows what he wants from this sexy and adventurous woman. But what does Rosie want from him? It’s a question that becomes more pressing—and more dangerous—when he suspects her of prying into the shadows of his past. 

Now, the legends surrounding the de Vincents may not be myths at all. But if she’s to discover the truth, she must follow them straight into the arms of the man she can’t resist—the handsome devil himself.

A few other fun reads for Halloween:

Paula Brackston’s THE LITTLE SHOP OF FOUND THINGS  -  Brackston has made a name for herself with witch-based novels, but her new series revolves around a mother and daughter who move out of London and buy an antique shop. The daughter, Xanthe, can feel the emotions of past owners of the items, which embroils her in a mystery from the past which she may be able to save from its tragic end. Kirkus called it “A bewitching tale of love across centuries.” (review)

Karen White’s Tradd Street series, which features a Charleston real estate agent who sees ghosts and a writer obsessed with unsolved mysteries. Fun and ghostly.

The Phantom Tree Nicola Cornick’s recent releases, HOUSE OF SHADOWS and THE PHANTOM TREE (which Kirkus generally liked - review), both have historical themes and supernatural elements. Fascinating and compelling.

On another note, in November at The Romance of Reading Facebook page, we’re celebrating all things Highlander! The theme is Grateful For Highlanders—in honor of St. Andrew’s Day, November 30, the national day of Scotland. Each Monday & Thursday we’ll have an author with Highlander themed books guest hosting the page. Julia London kicks it off today (11/1).

Her most recent title, SEDUCED BY A SCOT, came out two days ago and features a Highland “fixer” who falls for the young noblewoman whose reputation he’s supposed to be repairing. (Another yum, yes?) Other authors guest hosting in November are Anna Campbell, Grace Burrowes, Karen Hawkins, Suzanne Enoch, Vanessa Kelly, Jennifer Trethewey & Heather McCollum.

Hope you’ll join us!

Finally, if you happen to be around Milwaukee on Saturday, I’ll be moderating a pro-romance panel - Romance Matters - The Power and Influence of The Pro-Woman Genre - with Christine Merrill, Kathy Lyons/Jade Lee and Jennifer Trethewey at the Southeast Wisconsin Book Festival (1 - 2 pm).  (More about the festival here.)

Happy November! #HappyReading